The detoxification centre in the afternoon sun


The Cochrane District Detox Centre (CDDC), which is sponsored by the Smooth Rock Falls Hospital, was opened in November 1989. The 20-bed facility is housed in the Mattagami Centre (former SRF Hospital) in Smooth Rock Falls. The agency is mandated to offer services to the population of the North East region; a small percentage of persons from other regions of the Province also seek services at the CDDC. This residential centre operates 24/7. The CDDC is designated under Bill 8. The CDDC is a co-ed bilingual facility.


A Program Worker will take the call, do a brief intake with you, describe our services and direct you as to your next step. Remember, you can call us 24/7. If we cannot help you, we can refer you to other services.


To provide support and programming designed to address the special needs of people recovering from addiction and to assist them in rebuilding their lives with dignity and respect.


We envision a healthy community with an improved quality of life through the reduction of the harmful effects of addiction.


In accordance with the Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (M-SAA), with the North East Local Health Integration Network (NE LHIN), the CDDC offers the following services:

  • Entry services
  • Phase I-Crisis/Withdrawal
  • Phase 2-Residential Withdrawal Management Services Level 2
  • Residential Support Services Level-1
  • Case management services/ safe bed initiative
  • Initial Assessment Services

Our facility has four (4) acute crisis/ withdrawal beds, ten (10) withdrawal management services beds and six (6) residential support services level-1 beds. Four of the ten withdrawal management services beds and two of the four acute crisis/ withdrawal beds are designated for women only.


The CDDC operates a 1-800 crisis line 24/7. Persons are welcomed to call for services i.e., intake, support, admission, etc. Calls are screened as to appropriateness; clients are admitted if they fit criteria for admission to a withdrawal management centre. People who call can also be referred to other services depending on need.

During this first phase of withdrawal, clients are observed as per the Ontario Withdrawal Management Standards. Client symptoms are monitored by staff as to intensity/severity. Medical consultation occurs at the Falls Medical Clinic for each client admitted if necessary. Clients in need of immediate medical attention are brought to the Smooth Rock Falls Hospital. The average length of stay in the Crisis Withdrawal unit is 1.5 days depending on the severity of the withdrawal and drug of choice. The CDDC has four observation beds in this unit, i.e., two for men and two for women.

Once clients are mobile and no longer in need of constant observation, they are transferred to the regular withdrawal management beds (detox beds). After 24 hours in the unit, residents are expected to follow a routine which include programming, chores, leisure activities, rest periods, AA and NA meetings, etc. During admission in the Phase II WMS, clients who wish to pursue recovery will be seen for assessment and treatment planning by an addiction counsellor at North Cochrane Addiction Services Inc. Treatment plans and referrals are done in cooperation with the resident. The length of stay in the Phase II WMS is on average 5.7 days. The CDDC offers 4 beds for women and 6 beds for men.

Residents who are pursuing recovery and need a safe place to stay, pending admission to a residential and/or community treatment service, can remain in the RSS-Level 1. In order to access this unit, residents must be mobile and considered in need of very little supervision. Residents must have a treatment plan in place and usually have a discharge date. The length of stay in that unit varies depending on treatment availability across the Province. On average residents remain at least 10 days.

The CDDC provides comprehensive assessments for residents in collaboration with North Cochrane Addiction Services (NCAS). The purpose of the assessment is to identify problematic life areas, substance abuse issues and formulate a treatment plan with the resident for the purpose of pursuing recovery. The assessments are done with the use of the GAIN-Q3 (Global Appraisal of Individual Needs). Assessments occur when the resident is alert and able to participate in the process. The waiting period can be up to five (5) days depending on the availability of NCAS staff.

The CDDC receives funding for a safe bed initiative. One person is hired as a Case Manager to work with clients who have concurrent disorders i.e., alcohol/drugs and a mental health problem or alcohol/ drugs and legal problems. Case Management services are offered to those persons admitted in the program. Clients can continue to receive services even after they have been discharged from the residential setting.


The CDDC hires Program Workers, a Case Manager, an Operations Manager, a Cook and purchases services from NCAS with regards to administrative and clinical work. The majority of our staff either have a College diploma in drug addiction or social services or a University degree in a health related field. All staff are bilingual; the agency is culturally sensitive.


Cochrane District Detox Centre (located in Smooth Rock Falls).

We are a 20-bed co-ed residential facility that provides Withdrawal Management Services (detoxification), Residential Support Services, Assessment and Case Management Services. Our services are bilingual (French and English), confidential and free of charge. We also operate a crisis line 24/7 (1-800-787-7951).

We help people adjust to being clean/ sober. We help individuals identify problem areas in their life and give direction with regards to treatment planning.

You can contact the CDDC at 1-800-787-7951 (24 hours). We can help. We must speak with the individual directly to complete an intake to determine eligibility/needs. You could also contact Connex Ontario at 1-800-565-8603 (24 hours).

We will consider for admission any person over the age of 16 who is intoxicated or in withdrawal (aka detoxifying, coming down, coming off...).

Yes. We expect individuals to continue taking all required medication while in our care. However, the use of opiates (pain killers) is not permitted.

No. We are not a medical detoxification centre, but we have medical back-up through the Smooth Rock Falls Hospital and the Falls Medical Clinic.

Yes. Special consideration will be given to admitting youth under the age of 16. A parent or legal guardian must consent to the referral.

We encourage people to find a ride or take the bus. Ontario Northland travels through Smooth Rock Falls twice daily, arriving from the west at approximately 7:00 am and arriving from the east at approximately 12:30 am. When the person being admitted has no means of transportation, we can help financially with transportation by bus within our area.

We offer a safe/sober/structured environment that allows people to first detoxify then reflect on changes needed. We have group discussions, provide educational material and host weekly AA meetings. We also work closely with North Cochrane Addiction Services (and other addiction/ mental health service providers) to ensure seamless movement through the continuum of treatment services.


The Cochrane District Detox Centre is sponsored by the Smooth Rock Falls Hospital and maintains a close relationship with the Falls Medical Clinic who ensures medical services to our clients. The CDDC, through a Service Agreement, is managed by North Cochrane Addiction Services Inc. in terms of administrative and clinical services.


The CDDC is funded by the North East Local Health Integration Network (NE LHIN) and from time to time does receive donations from individuals or private businesses.