The hospital’s Accessibility/Emergency Response Team strives to improve and maintain a safe, controlled, and healthy facility for the benefit of the patients, clients, general public, volunteers and the staff of the Smooth Rock Falls Hospital. This Public Emergency Plan is to be followed by all the parties stated below to ensure their safety during an emergency situation.

All parties entering the hospital are responsible to read the Accessibility and Safety Plan Bulletin Board in the hospital main hallway to ensure that they are knowledgeable of their part in the hospital’s emergency plan to guarantee their own safety along with the safety of others on site.


Report to the Nursing Desk for further instructions.


Any member of the public wandering in the diagnostic wing or the atrium of the hospital is to report to the Reception Desk for further instructions. During the weekends or after business hours the general public is to report to the Nursing Desk.


Remain in the department for which they are receiving care and wait for instructions from their corresponding healthcare professional(s).


Remain in the department where they are providing a service and wait for instructions from the corresponding healthcare professional(s).


Report to the Nursing Desk or to the healthcare professional(s) in the department in which they are volunteering for further instructions.
Code Yellow
Missing Person
Code Amber
Missing Child/Child Abduction
Code Orange
Code Orange CBRN
CBRN Disaster
Code Red
Code White
Violent/Behavioural Situation
Code Blue
Adult/Medical Emergency (Cardiac Arrest)
Code Green
Code Green Stat
(Precautionary) Evacuation (Crisis)
Code Pink
Infant/Child Medical Emergency (Cardiac Arrest)
Code Brown
In-facility Hazardous Spill
Code Purple
Hostage Taking
Code Silver
Person with a Weapon
Code Black
Bomb Threat/Suspicious Object
Code Grey
Infrastructure Loss/Failure
Code Grey Button-down
External Air Exclusion

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ADDRESS OR RESOLVE A SITUATION. There are trained professionals within the hospital to do so. All witnesses to an unusual event must report their observations immediately to a hospital staff member. The severity of the occurrence will determine the initiation of the communication of emergency codes.

Upon the communication of an emergency code(s) on the overhead system all parties in the hospital are to remain calm. DO NOT PANIC. All directions received which will vary depending on the initiated emergency code, are to be taken seriously and are to be hastily followed in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

Any concerns regarding this plan are to be directed to:

Kim Brunet
Health & Safety/Accessibility Coordinator


Melonie Loubert
Chief Executive Officer


Emergency Response Team