The Smooth Rock Falls Hospital provides 24 hour emergency care services by an on-call physician, and one registered nurse.

The purpose of the emergency services provided at the Smooth Rock Falls Hospital, is to care for patients suffering from serious medical problems, who are unable to wait to be seen by their physician.

The emergency department also provides medical and nursing care to clients that have been pre-scheduled for medical procedures, such as excision of lesions, nail removal, and cryotherapy.

The emergency department consists of two examination rooms, one fracture room, one minor surgery room and one trauma room.


When you arrive to the emergency department, you will be greeted by a registered nurse who will quickly assess your condition. They will inquire about your condition, allergies, and medication. They will take your blood pressure, pulse, and temperature. The nurse will then triage you in accordance to the Canadian Triage Acuity Scale (CTAS). CTAS is a system used to assign the degree of urgency of an illness or wound to ensure that the patients are seen in order of priority; meaning, the sickest patients get treated first.
Level I
Resuscitationsee patient immediately
Level II
Emergencywithin 15 minutes
Level III
Urgencywithin 30 minutes
Level IV
Less Urgencywithin 60 minutes
Level V
Non Urgencywithin 120 minutes
Once you have been triaged you may be assigned back to the waiting room, or into a treatment room. We want to stress that if your symptoms worsen while you are waiting, you are to notify the nurse right away. The nurse will reassess you at that time.

Please note that our department has a separate entrance for ambulances, the patients arriving by ambulance also get triaged in the same fashion.


Our team works hard to provide quality care as quickly as possible. As per the Canadian Triage acuity scale, the most seriously ill patients are seen first even if they arrived in the department after other patients. If your wait is longer than you expected, please understand that we are busy providing care to patients who need immediate care, or we are waiting for a room that will be more appropriate to provide you the care that you need.


1. Valid Health Card

2. All of your medication bottles 

3. Your immunization card 

4. If you are accompanying an infant or a child, please remember to bring diapers, formula and a toy or an activity book for the child



Ensure you understand all the instructions given to help with your recuperation. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask the nurse. 

If you decide to leave before being seen by the doctor, please advise the nurse. 

Driving arrangements: It is often advisable to have someone drive you after a visit to the emergency department, depending on your condition, or on the medication that you have received during your visit.



Attending physicians will not refill prescriptions for narcotics, please see you primary care professional to renew your prescription.