The reception desk is located at the main entrance of the hospital. It is where general information and directions can be obtained, as well as, where invoice payments are accepted. Please call (705) 338-2781 ext. 2118 and the reception staff will be happy to serve you.


Visitor’s parking is clearly identified in the parking lot. Please do not park your vehicle in areas identified as no-parking zones, fire routes and drop-off zone.


At the Smooth Rock Falls Hospital we believe that family members and friends can contribute positively to the care of the patient and for that reason we have no limits on visiting hours. However we also expect family members and friends to respect any temporary visiting limitations established by the medical team for a specific patient as these restrictions are for the wellbeing of the patients.



If you seek food or refreshments, you will find the following kiosks available in the Atrium:
  • Keurig Dispenser
  • Beverage Vending Machine
    • Soda
    • Water
    • Juice
  • Snack Vending Machine
    • Chips
    • Chocolate Bars
    • Desserts
    • Etc.
  • Meal options are available through the dietary department.